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SEGA Saturn Modded Pro Action Replay Plus with 1MB / 4MB RAM, 8MB Cartridge Memory & Pseudo Saturn Kai Direct Boot

    This cartridge will allow you to play Saturn copies/backup games that are otherwise unplayable without it. Games that support/require the RAM carts. This is the ultimate enhancement for your beloved Saturn console. It features all in one auto switch 1M and 4M Expansion RAM card (to play games such as the Capcom fighting games, Metal Slug, King of Fighters and more), a 4M memory card as well as an import adapter to play foreign games on any Saturn console. The 8MB memory cartridge function also allows you to save files and game progress for Sega Saturn games.

    • Self Pick Up : Available 
    • Delivery within Singapore : Available 
    • Worldwide Shipping : Available
    • Pseudo Modded to direct run all Sega Saturn CD-R backup / Copies
    • Unlock all Sega Saturn Games Region - NTSC J, NTSC U/C & PAL
    • Support all 1MB to 4MB RAM games
    • 8MB Memory Cartridge function for saving games
    WHAT'S NEW ? :
    • 3 Ways Dip Switch Toggle for 4MB RAM, 1MB RAM & 8MB Cartridge Memory
    • Swap between Pseudo Kai Saturn Dashboard and Sega Saturn Dashboard
    • Improved 1MB RAM, fixed graphical glitches for SNK games
    • Improved 4MB RAM, fixed graphical glitches for Capcom games
    • 8MB Memory Cartridge function direct access for saving games
    $ 110.00
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    • Black
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    IN THE BOX :
    • SEGA Saturn Modded Pro Action Replay Plus with 1MB / 4MB RAM, 8MB Cartridge Memory & Pseudo Saturn Kai Direct Boot
    • User Manual

    Handcrafted Cotton Face Mask

    GENERAL FACE MASK - This face mask provides personal face/mouth protection and can help reduce the pollution found in the air you breathe. This mask can help protect against dust, ashes, pollen, car exhaust, passive smoking and other air pollutants. For general use, non-medical purpose.
    - This face mask is made from soft, breathable 100% cotton and is designed for comfort and all-day wearability.
    - This mask can be washed & reused and is suitable for daily wear at home or outside.
    - This mask offers a pleat to easily adjust on face for comfort. Unisex design fit most adults/kids with a stretchy elastic ear loop. You can tie elastic on ear loops to shorten mask.
    - Our products are not designed or intended to mitigate, prevent, treat, diagnose or cure any disease or health condition. Our products should NOT be used as a replacement for conventional and approved Personal Protective Equipment. The product has not been industry tested nor has it been NIOSH approved. 

    • Self Pick Up : Available
    • Delivery within Singapore : Available
    • Worldwide Shipping : Available
    ITEM ORIGIN : Handmade in Singapore

    • 100% Cotton
    • Unisex Size - Adult & Kid
    $ 7.50
    On Sale

    • Yellow/+0.00
    • Black/+0.00
    • Blue /+0.00
    • Navy/+0.00
    • White/+0.00
    • Pink/+0.00
    • Red/+0.00
    • Black Flora/+0.00
    • Flora 1/+0.00
    • Flora 2/+0.00
    • Flora 3/+0.00
    • Flora 4/+0.00
    • Flora 5/+0.00
    • Strawberry 1/+0.00
    • Strawberry 2/+0.00
    • Pawprint/+0.00
    • Zebra/+0.00
    • Stamp/+0.00
    • Lace Black Flora 1/+3.50
    • Lace Black Flora 2/+3.50
    • Lace Navy Flora 1/+3.50
    • Lace Navy Flora 2/+3.50
    • Navy Mesh Netting/+3.50
    • Beige/+3.50
    • Leopard Skin/+3.50

    • Adult 22cm x 13cm
    • Kid 15cm x 11cm
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    • 100% Cotton Reusable Face Mask 
    • Washable
    • 3 PLY (3 Layers) Cotton
    • Easy Breathing
    • Heat Reduction Wearing
    • Adult Size Measurement 22cm (L) x 13cm (H)
    • Kid Size Measurement 15cm (L) x 11cm (H)

    Silicone Anti-Slip Glasses Retainer Ring Temple Tip

      Made of high quality silicone, soft and lightweight, which can increase comfort and hold your glasses firmly in place. Package includes totally a pair silicone glasses retainer ring. You can use them in different condition according to your own preferences or the type of your eyeglasses.

      • Self Pick Up : Available 
      • Delivery within Singapore : Available 
      • Worldwide Shipping : Available
      • Safety Anti-Slip Silicone Retainer Ring.
      • Keeps Glasses from Slipping During Sports and Activities.
      • Suitable for Both Adults & Children Glasses.
      • Anti Sweat & Water Resistant Coated.
      • Stretchable Silicone.
      $ 2.00
      On Sale

      • Translucent White
      • Matte Black
      • Baby Pink
      • Coco Brown
      • Sunshine Yellow
      • Sky Blue
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      • A Pair of Anti-Slip Silicone Retainer Ring

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